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Underground Construction Services

Metropolitan Communications Group is an established leader in the underground construction and maintenance of communication infrastructures.  MCG has constructed fiber optic systems and traditional copper throughout the country.  MCG is proud of its long history of completing time-sensitive projects while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety.

Open cut trenching and directional drilling projects are one of our specialties. Locating and protecting existing utilities is the highest priority on all MCG construction projects. MCG’s highly experienced workforce and state-of-the-art equipment allows MCG to complete all projects with a minimum of disruption to the communities and local infrastructure.

  • Upgrade Existing Underground Facilities
  • Maintenance and Repair of Underground Fiber Optic System
  • Cable Installation and Removal of New or Existing Conduits
    • Locate Existing Utilities (Soft-Dig)
    • Directional Drill with Vacuum Truck
    • Excavator / Backhoe Trench
    • Direct Bury Plow / Chain Trencher
    • Duct Bank installation and Repair
    • Manhole / Vault Installation and Removal
    • Copper / Fiber Optic Cable Fault Locating and Repair
    • Asphalt / Concrete Removal and Repair
    • Copper Telephone Installation and Removal
    • Coax Cable Trunk / Feeder Installation and Removal
    • Fiber Optic Cable Installation and Removal
    • Locating / Bonding Wire Installation

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